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50+ Must See DIY Projects for Makers

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There is no better way to learn electronics, robotics, and other topics than building your own things. Here are 50+ killer projects that you can try to learn new skills:

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Bionic Helmet: this project is all about building a stylish bionic helmet using 20 gauge steel. It is great for people new to metalworking.


Smart Touchscren Mirror: this iOS 10 style touchscreen mirror displays time, date, and apps.


Raspberry Pi MAME Arcade Cabinet: this is a tiny MAME arcade with a color OLED display, audio amplifier, and custom games. It was built using a Raspberry Pi Zero.

Trump VS Eagle Man Rock’em Sock’em Robots: these robots pan, tilt, and throw fists. They are powered by Geekduino.


DIY Dalek Robot with EZ-B Controller: this robot has the EZ-B as its brain. The robot has a camera and smartphone control.

Life-size BB-8 Robot: a life-size BB-8 with a hamster drive system and low center of gravity. The parts were from ServoCity and VEX Robotics.

Death Star Lamp: these guys turned a IKEA PS 2014 pendant lamp into a Death Star Lamp. You don’t need to spend a fortune to try it either.

3D Printed Motorized Dalek: this was built using an Arduino UNO, 2 DC motors with rubber wheels, an IR remote and sensor, and a few other simple parts.

monitor dress

DIY Monitor Dress: this connected dress monitors and visualizes your heart rate. You will need a NeoPixel Ring with 24 LEDs, Photon, heart rate monitor, button snaps, and power bank.

Automated Voice Recognition Typewriter

Automated Voice Recognition Typewriter: a typewriter that automatically types what you say. It was built using a Smith Corona typewriter, Arduino, and a Pololu servo controller.


Rubik’s Cube Solver: another project for Raspberry Pi fans. It was assembled using parts from a FAC system with a scanner made using 3 modified Colorpal color sensors.


DIY Auto-Shade Sunglasses: these sun glasses activate when exposed to sunlight to protect your eyes.


VR Skateboard with Arduino: a fun project for VR enthusiasts that involves building a skateboard with an accelerometer/gyro and Arduino board to transfer your motion into a VR game.

led video cube

6144-LED Video Cube: has 1024 LEDs on each side. Requires 32 x 32 RGB LED panels, LED video wall sender/receiver set, cables, power supply, a computer for configuration, and a few other components.


DIY Raspberry Pi Laptop: Pi-Top is a DIY laptop with a 13.3″ HD LCD screen, QWERTY keyboard with trackpack, and 12-hour internal battery that you can put together to run pi-top OS.

Boosted Snowboard: this guide from the Hacksmith covers how you can built your own boosted snowboard.

Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Refrigerator

Han Solo Carbonite Refrigerator: this cool refrigerator has glowing lights and other cool features. Great project for Star Wars geeks.


R2D2 Robot with IoTiny: another fun robot for Star Wars fans. An IoTiny v4 robot controller was used to turn a Hasbro R2D2 toy into a robot.

Darth Vader Smart Garden

Darth Vader Smart Garden: this guide shows you how to build your own smart garden with a soil sensor, NeoPixel LED, mini breadboard, power bank, and NodeMCU.

bb-8 heels

BB-8 Heels: these Star Wars shoes have a spinning ball in their heels.

pipboy 3000

Pip-boy 3000 Mark II: a 100% open source project you can complete using a 4.3″ capacitive touch display, various sensors, a 4400 mAh battery, a 9 LED flashlight, laser, and few other parts.

Full Metal Bionic Arm Armor: David Guyton has shared this guide showing you how to build a bionic arm armor that can be converted to a Winter Solider arm.

pandora's clock

DIY Nixie Tube Clock: this cool clock has Internet radio functionality built in. Another fun Raspberry Pi project.


Mad Max Flamethrower Ukulele: Caleb Kraft is behind this idea. You will need caulking gun, an igniter, a butane canister, electrical tape, zip ties, and a few other parts to get started.

Light-up Ukulele: this was built using an Arduino MICRO interface, 48 programmable LEDs, and an OLED display. You can control light intensity and modes.

snowball machine gun

DIY Snowball Machine Gun: this can fire 13 snowballs in half a second. A landscaping leaf blower was used to complete this.


CD Gun: not everyone uses DVDs and CDs these days. With this CD gun, you can launch them at your enemies. It was made using a Harbor Freight angle grinder.

frisbee launch diy

DIY Frisbee Launcher: whether you want to play with your dog or friends, this Frisbee launcher is worth a shot.

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