Zuta Pocket Printer: Robotic Printer for Smartphones

Everybody needs a printer these days. The Zuta Pocket Printer is not your average printer. It is a compact robotic printer that works its way across your paper. It’s like putting the printhead on a set of wheels and let it do the hard work. The idea is brilliant if you think about it. The developers have managed to make this unit as small as possible with this approach.

The Pocket Printer has a rechargeable battery with an on/off switch. It connects to your smartphone or PC directly and can print on small or large pieces of paper. You can activate the printer by sliding the hatch at the bottom of it. The inkjet lasts for over 1000 pages. The battery goes for one hour on a full charge. The omni-wheel system used in this printer allows it to turn and drive in any direction accurately.

pocket printer

The Pocket Printer comes in two colors and is made of polycarbonate. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, OS X, and Windows. You can get it on Kickstarter.

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