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BI V2.0: 3D Printer with Self-Replicating Components

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3D printers have excited many geeks. They are not super cheap but prices are coming down. If you are planning to pick up a 3D printer, you may as well get one that offers high precision. The Boots Industries BI V2.0 is not your average 3D printer. It is an innovative product with self-replicating 3D printed components. 

This 3D printer can make 300 mm diameter X 300 mm height prints. The self-replicating design of the BI V2.0 allows you to create your own machine and share it with others. The kit will ship with the following components:

  • Fully assembled X, Y and Z towers pre-wired with NEMA 17, cable drive system and carriages

  • Fully assembled delta platform with arms, fans, hot end and auto-level probe

  • Extruder electrical/PTFE tubing “umbilical” cord

  • Pre-cut and pre-drilled aluminium extrusions

  • Rumba board with DRV 8825 drivers

  • 12V/29A Power supply

  • Hardware bag (nuts, bolts, spare parts etc.)

  • LCD control panel assembly

This interesting 3D printer is on Kickstarter right now.

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