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170+ Awesome Robots You Should See

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Maximo Robot Arm

Maximo Robot Arm: a 5-axis robot arm driven by Arduino. It has 230 parts and interchangeable head modules.

engino pro

Engino: an educational product for primary and secondary students that lets them build 6 app-controlled robots.


Ohbot2: a programmable robot head that comes with an Arduino servo controller. Your children will be able to program how it moves and speaks.

Bionic Bird: a smartphone-controlled bird with a HD video camera and automated stabilization.


PHIRO: a cute educational robot that teaches kids how to code. It is compatible with LEGO.

hmc galahad

HMC Galahad: a 3D printed robot with servos and motors. It has 6 moving legs, doors/windows that open, and many guns.


HEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Kit: comes with over 750 pieces, motors, sensors, and everything you need to get started.


KamiBot: a programmable paper robot powered by Arduino. It is developed to teach your kids coding.


Wink: this cute robot helps you learn how to code. It is based on Arduino.

dash robot launcher

Dash Robot: a cute educational robot that gets kids familiar with robots and programming. It has a bunch of cool accessories and apps too.


Tio: motorized blocks with smartphone control that bring your 3D printed toys to life.

muMu: a robotic head that brings LEGO and your other toys to life. It has a brain and an eye to familiarize you with various components of a robot and basics of computer vision.


Sphero: an app-enabled robotic ball that you can program to roll, flip, spin, and perform more complex moves.


HackerHAND: an educational robotic kit that helps you learn programming. This robotic hand is powered by an Arduino UNO R3.

Gesture controlled Arduino Robot Hand: this is a DIY project that shows you how to control a robot hand with a glove (using Arduino).


LIME: a robotic hand that gets you familiar with robotics and technology.

Biometric Robotic Hand

Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand: this robotic hand can mimic movements of your hands. It comes with artificial joint capsules, crocheted ligaments and tendons, laser-cut extensor hood, and elastic pulley mechanisms.


Desktop RoboTurret: this robot tracks down and fires upon enemies automatically.

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