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170+ Awesome Robots You Should See

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DRU: an autonomous delivery vehicle that can bring pizza and drinks to customers.

braava jet

Braava Jet Mopping Robot: a mopping robot that keeps your rooms clean. It gets rid of dirt and stain in hard-to-reach areas.

PR2 Robot: here is a cool robot capable of performing various tasks, including doing your laundry.

robotic ironing

Robotic Ironing: these robots have wrinkle detection and motion planning to iron shirts and clothing items.

soft robotic gripper

Soft Robotic Grippers for Delicate Objects: these robots can grasp fragile objects and move them around.


KMR iiwa Robot: a robot for autonomous transportation of products. It comes with autonomous navigation, safe human-robot interaction, and high maneuverability.


Tally: a fully autonomous shelf auditing robot for out-of-stock, misplaced, and low stock items.


Techi: an autonomous navigation service robot for restaurants that takes the orders from the kitchen and brings them to customers.

robot making coffee

SuperDroid Robots HD2 Mastiff: here is a robot capable of serving you coffee using a 6-axis arm.

Coffee-Serving Robot: a cool robot that can prepare coffee for your customers.

Robotic Bar Tending System

KUKA Robotic Bartender: this robot is capable of seving up beer to people at public events.

Burger Making Robot

Burger Making Robot: here is a robot capable of making sandwiches by adding ingredients one by one and applying sauce if necessary.


Hermes: an interface that gives robots human-life reflexes, allowing them to maintain balance and complete tasks more effectively.

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