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Jeane: Steering Wheel Cover Gives You Driving Feedback

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Our cars are going to become much smarter in the future. We have already seen cars that can drive and park themselves. Those are not cheap though. Accessories such as Jeane can make your old car smarter without requiring a big investment on your part. It is a steering wheel cover that gives you real-time motion feedback to save you money and time.

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Jeanes can communicate with each other using Bluetooth. So if you have multiple cars using it, you can sense the acceleration of other users and synchronize. When you are driving solo, Jeane vibrates when you accelerate or brake sharply to remind you to drive more smoothly. The more Jeanes you have on the road, the better your chances of avoiding traffic jams.

Cars of the future will communicate with others on the road. Jeane just gives you an idea how that could work. You can support the project on Kickstarter.

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