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LithiumCard: This Thin Charger Charges Your Smartphone Fast

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Smartphone chargers are nothing new. There are all kinds of battery extenders and smartphone chargers on the market. The LithiumCard is a different animal. It is one of the thinnest smartphone battery chargers around. It is as thick as 5 credit cards¬† and has a USB connector, so you can charge it using your laptop, a wall charger, or a car charger (just use the flip-out USB whenever the LithiumCard needs charging).¬† The device is compatible with top smartphones. What’s neat is you can charge your LithiumCard and smartphone at the same time.

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This charger can charge your smartphone’s internal battery fast. It has the connectors that you would need, so no need to carry cables with you everywhere you go. LithiumCard with a micro-USB connector works for most Android devices while the Lightning version covers Apple devices. Let’s not forget that NanoStik technology keeps the LithiumCard stuck to your device when you are charging your device on the go. This exciting project is on Indiegogo right now.

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