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Pantelligent: Smart Frying Pan Provides Real-time Guidance

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Meet Pantelligent: a smart frying pan that helps you cook like a pro. It pairs with your smartphone to guide you to cook everything perfectly. You don’t have to deal with overcooked or undercooked food when you have this pan to rely on. The device already supports a dozen of recipes, so you can get started faster. Just choose what you want to cook in the app, follow the instructions, and you are on your way. The app will tell you how hot the pan is, when you should add ingredients, and when you should stir or flip your food.

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Pantelligent measures the temperature of the pan’s cooking surface and transmits the data to your smartphone. The app has a Freestyle mode that lets you see the current temperature of the pan. The device lets you achieve repeatable results, monitor your food hands-free, and cook with more confidence. Did we mention that Pantelligent is Pebble friendly? More info is available here.

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