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RainMachine Smart WiFi Irrigation Controller

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Our homes are going to be much smarter in the future. There are already plenty of awesome smart components you can pick up to make your home smarter. The RainMachine focuses on your garden. This smart device uses weather data from NOAA.gov to save you money and optimize watering of your garden. It is a WiFi sprinkler controller compatible with iOS and Android devices. The device automatically adjusts your watering amount by lowering it on rainy days and increasing it on hot summer days.

The RainMachine supports 12 zones and unlimited programs. Using your street location, the RainMachine sprinkler timer downloads hyperlocal weather data to save you water and money. The device can protect your garden from unexpected hot or cold conditions. It has a beautiful touchscreen display and an easy-to-use user-interface. There is a lot to like here.

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