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5 Fun Skates / Boots For Outdoor Fun

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In the past few months, we have covered various skates, scooters, and other products you can pick up to have fun outdoors. These 5 special skates and boots certainly give you your money’s worth:

Chariot Skates: these wheel skates help you gain momentum with less effort and give you more room to maneuver. They make you feel like riding a bicycle without a seat.

RocketSkates Smart Electric Skates: a pair of smart electric skates with 4 brushless hub motors and a companion app to monitor their performance. The app also offers route tracking, battery status, social features, and more. You can walk with these when you want to.

Bionic Boots: these are designed to help you run a whole lot faster. A recent prototype was able to boost a user’s speed to 25 mph, and that’s just a start.

Custom gas-powered skateboard: not a skateboard you see every day. It is a gas-powered skateboard with a handheld control mechanism.

Roller Cycle: these inline skates have pneumatic wheels that can take you as fast as 25 MPH on a grassy terrain. The Roller Cycle has a 2-cycle, 40.1 cc engine.

What do you think? Which one do you find the most interesting?

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