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We all love grilling from time to time. Having to deal with gas and coal grills is not always fun. The clean up process can be time consuming. Besides, you are always going to have to keep an eye on how much gas or coal you have available. COOKUP200 Solar BBQ is a superb solar oven that lets you cook your food using sunlight.

Here are the specifications for this amazing solar grill:

  • Cooking temperature > 200°C
  • 5-person capacity
  • Orientation: built-in guide
  • Cooking time: chicken 60 mins
  • Stainless steel construction
  • S-ReflecT reflector

This grill weighs only 18 lbs and is easy to move around. You get 2 years of warranty to give you peace of mind. Since you are using sunshine to power up this grill, the device is not super complicated to figure out. It is nice not to have to deal with gas or coal once in a while.

Grab yours here.

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