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10 Hot Gadgets You May Not Know About

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You think you have it all after buying your iPhone 3G S today? I wish it was as simple as that. There are so many cool gadgets on the market that no matter how many you own already, there are probably a thousand others that you don’t. Everybody knows about Kindle DX, iPhone 3G S, and Palm Pre. But there are some hidden gems in the gadget market that may actually be more useful than the ones we hear about on a daily basis. If you are tired of hearing about the same gadgets everyday, here are 10 cool gadgets you may not have heard of:

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IDC Ecco Intelligent Digital Compass Personal Pocket GPS Locator: a cool mobile GPS device that lets you lock your location and find your way back to it easily when you are exploring a new city or just don’t know your whereabouts.

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X350 Desktop Virtualization: a cool gadget that let you give eleven people access to one PC (PC sharing).

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Run Away and Hide Alarm Clock: This alarm clock runs away and hides to get you out of bed. What more can I say?

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OCZ OCZMSNIA NIA – Neural Impulse Actuator: lets you get a more realistic gaming experience from your gaming gadgets.

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Cables Unlimted SPK-ROCK-DUO Rock Speaker: a cool gadget that is made for outdoors. Bring your garden to life with these speakers.

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Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter: includes two adapters that uses existing electrical wiring to create a network connection. If you are hoping to bring Ethernet to those difficult places in your house, this is a must own gadget.

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Satechi INSP3 WiFi Internet Radio with Alarm Clock: who needs a satellite radio when you have this Internet radio gadget. It’s also an alarm clock as well. If you are looking for good content to listen to, this is a must own gadget.

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GPX Portable Music & Movie System: a cool portable DVD player allows you to watch movies while on-the-go or listen to CDs or the radio.

Natural Air Man Bluetooth Watch with Vibration and Caller ID Display

Natural Air Man Bluetooth Watch: Natural Air man bluetooth Watch with vibration and caller ID lets you use stay on the top of things even when your cell phone is not readily available.

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Philips PET7402/37 7-Inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Player: a cool gadget that lets you play your movies and music in your car.

Your turn: what’s your favorite not-so-mainstream gadget?

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