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55+ Awesome Educational, Programmable Robots

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Many parents are interested in teaching their kids technology and coding. Building and programming robots is one way to do that. Here are 55+ educational programmable robots you don’t want to miss:

XYZrobot Bolide

XYZrobot Bolide Advanced Humanoid Robot: a humanoid robot with a G-sensor, IR sensor, LEDs, speaker, card reader, and remote controller. You can control it using a smartphone.

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sprk plus

SPRK+: an educational robotic ball that teaches kids programming through play. It can be programmed to navigate a maze, mimic the solar system, or swim across the water.

mini diy

ROBOTIS Darwin-Mini: a cute robot with an open source embedded board. It comes with 16 Dynamixel XL-320 servos and customizable 3D printable frames.

Hovis Fighter Humanoid Robot

Hovis Humanoid Robot: a Bluetooth robot with Android control. It has 17 degrees of freedom and dynamic motions. The robot can be customized with DR-Visual Logic and other programs.


Cubelets: an educational kit with magnetic blocks that you can use to build fun robots. You can build robots that respond to light, temperature, and objects.

ROBOTIS Bioloid: a humanoid robot with gyro, distance sensor, IR, and IO ports for additional sensors. It has a C-style programming interface and can be controlled wirelessly.

Makeblock mBot Ultimate 2.0: a 10-in-1 STEM robot kit that you can program from your PC or tablet. It has anodized aluminum mechanical parts and 3 encoder motors. 


UBTECH Jimu Inventor Robot Kit: works with iOS and Android devices. It comes with 16 digital servo motors, battery pack, power battery, and 675 interlocking parts.

Mecha TE Gen2 Robot Hand

Mecha TE Gen2: a premium robotic hand with 10 points of motion and 5 degrees of freedom. Its silicone fingertips make grasping things possible.


RoboKit Smart: an Arduino robot kit that lets you build 11 robots. It comes with DC motors, wheels, metal frames, screw driver, nuts, bolts, mainboard, and other necessary parts.

Coder MiP Programmable Robot

Coder MiP: a cute programmable robot with a drag & drop programming interface. This dual wheel balancing robot communicates through motion, sounds, and LED lights.

ada robotic arm

Ada Hand: a robotic hand with PC and Mac control. It has a ATMEGA2560 microcontroller.

ROBOTIS Bioloid GP: a premium humanoid robot capable of playing soccer and battling. It features AX-18A actuators and light, high strength aluminum frames.

ALLBOT Programmable, Modular Four Legged Robot kit

ALLBOT: a modular four legged robot that you can control from your smartphone. It is compatible with Arduino UNO or MEGA boards.

T8X Spider: a creepy spider with 26 servo motors and programmable features (using Lua). You can control it from your smartphone and tablet.


HEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Construction Set: comes with over 750 pieces, various sensors, motors, and everything you need to build fun robots.


ALAN Animatronic Robot: a 1:1 human scale robot head and shoulders with 5-axis of motion support. The robot has object recognition, color tracking, web search, and other advanced features.

IronBot: a STEM kit for kids 8+ years old. It comes with digital servos, battery module, electronic controller, and other necessary components to build a robotic arm, biped robot, or humanoid.


Root: a whiteboard robot that can draw, erase, and respond to lines drawn on a whiteboard. It has a visual and text environment for programming.


ROBOTERRA: this STEM kit has everything you need to build and program a simple robot. You can use sensors, reusable aluminum metal parts, a micro-controller, and other components to build your robot.

Engino Pro Construction Kit: lets you build 6 programmable robots. You get WiFi control, 2 IR sensors, 3 motors, and 243 parts.

photon robot

Photon: a cute robot that grows with its owner by gaining new skills. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Kamigami: a robot kit your kids can play with without any special tools. These robots can run up to 5 feet per second.

robobuilder 5720t

RoboBuilder 5720: a versatile robot capable of jogging, kicking, and dancing. It comes with interchangeable modules. You can use it to build a dinosaur robot, a humanoid , or a four-legged puppy.


HackerHAND: a robotic hand that can be programmed in C, Python, Java, and other languages.

LocoRobo : this Bluetooth smart robot is powered by Atmel AVR processors. It has 6 sensors, including an ultrasonic sensor for measuring distance, a microphone, an accelerometer, and a temperature sensor.


STEMI: a hexapod robot with smartphone control. It can dance, change height, and play. It is compatible with Arduino boards.

Elastic Turret Hexapod: this educational robot aims and fires elastic bands at your enemies. It has 24 x 5 volt tolerant digital ports and 8 x 5 volt tolerant analog ports. It supports up to 73 servos.

Hovis Eco Plus: a 20 DoF humanoid robot with 20 HerkuleX DRS-0101 smart servo motors and head LEDs. It is powered by an Atmega 128 microcontroller.

Robo Wunderkind: comes with smart cubes that your kids can attach to build things and control them from their smartphone.

Maximo: a 5-axis robot with a laser-cut acrylic body. It has an Arduino board, interchangeable head modules, and high torque servo motors.

Dobot: a robotic arm you can control through voice, EEG headset, and gestures. It has an open-ended effector for 3D printing, and drilling.


COJI Coding Robot: a cute robot your kids can program using emojis. It reacts to shaking and tilting and offers preprogrammed responses.

FEETECH 17DOF Humanoid Robot: capable of walking, squat, and side slide movements. It is compatible with Arduino.

RoboBuilder RQ-HUNO: a humanoid robot with optional Bluetooth module. It can be programmed using a visual software and multiple languages.


XYZrobot Bolide Robot Spider: lets you build your own robotic spider and control it from your iOS or Android device.

Deep Learning Robot: this kit is for more advanced users. It comes with a Kobuki mobile base, Asus Xtion Pro 3D depth camera, microphone and speaker for speech recognition, and pre-installed software.

ZeGoBeast Electric Wooden Walking Robot

ZeGoBeast: an electric wooden walking robot. It has an Arduino core and various sensors. ZeGoBeast’s movement is inspired by Theo Jansen’s designs.

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