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25+ Must-See Gift Ideas for Math Geeks

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Math is not everyone’s cup of tea but those who love it deserve special gifts. Here are 25+ must-see gift ideas for math geeks & nerds:

Math Formula Tie: a 100% silk with math formulas all over it. It has algebra, trigonometry, and calculus equations.

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Nautilus Mandolin: a golden ratio inspired musical instrument with 8 strings, ebony fingerboard, maple neck, and graphite truss rod. This is a handmade item.

Abacus Pendant: a working abacus that you can wear around your neck at math events and parties.

Working Abacus Cufflinks: these cufflinks have moving parts, so the abacus actually works. Made of sterling silver.

Mandelbrot Necklace: should prove attractive to those of you who love fractals. Available in silver and 24 karat gold plated finish.

Klein Bottle Opener: a geeky bottle opener built in steel that opens your bottles and serves as a conversation starter at any party.

Socksmith Math Socks for Women: a comfortable pair of socks with math equations all over it.

Acute Baby: a cotton infant bodysuit for future mathematicians in your life. Has triple snap closure.

Uideazone Math Hoodie: keeps you warm and lets you show your love for math to the world.

Fibonacci Sequence Dress: a comfortable dress that lets you express your love for math and geometry anywhere you go.

Fibonacci Spirals Necklace: another gift for math and geometry geeks in your life. Available in silver and 24 karat gold plated finish.

Fibonacci Shelves: made with Baltic birch plywood, these let you display essential oils and comparable items.


Math Cheat Sheet Travel Mug: holds your coffee and helps you remember important math formulas.

Safecracker 50 Math Brain Teaser: has over 65000 permutations with 1 correct answer. The goal is to get each of the 16 columns of numbers to add to 50 at the same time.

AdvPro Clocks Neon Algebra Formula Clock: another cool gift for math nerds in your life. It has an aluminum frame and measures 10 inches in diameter.

Albert Clock: a digital math clock with 6 difficulty levels that displays the time with simple math equations.

Stick Math Problems Clock Numbers: lets you enhance your existing clock by adding simple math problems to each digit.

Spiral Face Clock: this trippy 17″ wall clock is a head-turner. It is large enough to see from across the room.

fibo clock

Fibonacci Clock: a cool clock for math geeks. It has 10 color palettes and 2 lamp modes.

equation watch

Equation Watch: a wristwatch that gives you a brain a workout every time you have to tell time.

Brain Dice Puzzle: a math game with thousands of challenges to test your brain. Simply roll the dice and solve by spinning the knobs to add up to the value of each die.

Science & Math Cotton Napkins: these have various equations and formulas all over them. Great for science parties.

Pierate T-Shirt: this geeky shirt puts a cute Pi design over your body.

Math Teacher Have Problem Shirt: a soft, comfortable shirt for math teachers and professors.

Math Formula Chalkboard T-Shirt: lets geeks show their love for math proudly. It comes with formulas all over it.

Lollipopter: an interactive kinetic toy that turns from a helix to a pine cone and back with a twist.

Menger Sponge Ring: as the name suggests, this ring is inspired by the Menger Sponge Ring. It is available in silver, brass, gold, and other materials.

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