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15 Mind-Controlled Toys and Gadgets

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Our toys and gadgets are becoming smarter every year. Many new toys can be controlled from a smartphone. These 15 mind-controlled gadgets take the idea to the next level by allowing you to use your thoughts to interact with them:


Force Trainer II: lets you use your mind to control holograms. It comes with a Bluetooth headset to read and interpret your brainwaves.


Puzzlebox brain-controlled helicopter: you can control this toy using an EEG headset. Just focus and clear your mind to start controlling the helicopter.

Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears: you can move these ears with your emotions. This set reads your brainwaves to let you express yourself by moving your cat ears.

eeg smart

EEGSmart Touch: this wearable device lets you control drones and other toys with your mind. It records brainwaves from 8 regions of your brain and translates them into commands.


Neeuro: helps improve your memory, focus, and spatial skills. Its app pairs with the SenzeBand to measure brain activity and stimulate your mind.

Dobot Magician: a programmable robot arm that you can control using your PC, phone, gesture, voice, and brainwaves. It can write, draw, 3D print, and do a whole lot more.


Mindflex Game: this game comes with a headset that reads your brainwaves and lets you move a levitating foam ball with your mind.

Teleport: a brain controlled telepresence robot that allows people with disabilities to work from a remote location.


Aware: headphones with brain and bio sensors, noise cancellation, and Bluetooth. Lets you store music, track your focus level, and monitor your performance.

Thync: this brain stimulating wearable can help alter your mood. It has Calm and Energy programs.

elf emmit

ELF Emmit: this gadget emits pulses from 2 Hz up to 19 Hz to change frequencies & rhythms of your mind. It has Sleep, Meditation, Concentration, Deep Learning, and Anti-Stress programs.

Mind Controlled Robotic Arm: this project involves building a robot arm that responds to brainwaves captured with a headset. Such an approach can be used to build mind controlled prosthetic limbs.

Emotiv EPOC+: a research grade 14 channel EEG for research and brain control interfaces. It has Bluetooth and runs for 12 hours on battery.


Ultracortex: an open source EEG headset that works with the OpenBCI board to let you record research-grade data. It has a 3D printed frame and components.

Brain Driven Hybrid Vehicle: driverless cars are the present and the future. With Level 5 autonomous cars, you don’t need a driver to control a car. The idea of driving a car with your mind is still worth exploring though. Researchers from Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology have already tested this idea with an Emotive EEG headset.

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