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40+ Must See Geeky Rings

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There are plenty of expensive but boring rings around these days. Looking for a special piece of jewelry for that special geek in your life? You should give these geeky rings a look:

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R2 Claddagh Ring: a beautiful ring for Star Wars fans in your life. It is available in sterling silver, 14 karat white gold, palladium or platinum.

BB Spinner Ring: another Star Wars inspired ring for geeks. It is available in 14k white, yellow gold or platinum. The head spins and circumnavigates the ring.

Poké Ball Ring: a Pokemon inspired ring crafted in solid 14 Karat white gold, palladium, or platinum and available in various colors. Another cool design by Paul Michael.

Klingon Translator Ring: a Star Trek translation ring that lets you write and translate in Klingonese.

Witch King Helmet ring: inspired the by the Lord of the Rings character. It weighs 22g but doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

Golden Anniversary Boldly Ring: a Star Trek inspired ring for the 50th anniversary of your favorite people.

Mechanical Cogs Ring: this awesome ring comes with 16 gears that counter-rotate with a simple touch. You can wear it on your thumb or other fingers.

Spin Doctor TARDIS Ring: for Doctor Who fans. Available in platinum, sterling silver, 14 karat white and yellow gold.

King Skull Ring with Ruby Eyes: a 14k gold ring with a skull design. It has 50 grams of gold.

Skull Engagement Ring: made of blackened 14kt gold with a red diamond. Truly a work of art.

Masonic Ring: so freemasonry or the world of occult is your thing? You may want to give this gold ring a look.

Openjart Memento Mori Ring: a sterling silver ring with an oxidized rotating bead that reveals a skull or smiling face.

Ram Skull Ring: a pretty rad ring made with 925 silver. Can be made in various sizes.

Antique Cat Ring: a 14kt golden ring with diamond eyes for special cat people in your life.

Steampunk Cat Head Ring: a handmade silver 925 ring for cat lovers. It is available in 5 to 13 size.

Alligator Eye Ring: a steampunk ring for lizard fans. It is made of bronze.

Xenomorph Ring: a beautiful sterling silver ring for Alien fans.

Sterling Silver Sloth Ring: a handmade silver ring for the animal lover in your life.

Rustic Silver Snake Ring: this oxidized silver ring comes with black diamond eyes. It is handmade with 925 sterling silver.

Dragon Silver Ring: so you have a thing for dragons? This Chinese dragon ring is worth a look. It is 100% handmade, looking stylish with carnelian.

Sculpture Dragon Ring: this beautiful ring is available with Citrine, Amethyst or a Blue Topaz. It is balanced and comfortable to wear.

Black Knight Dragon Ring: made with 18K gold-plated and rhodium-plated brass, this dragon ring is quite a head turner.

Wire Eye Ring: a sterling silver and purple amethyst wire ring that turns heads. Designed by White Clover Studios.

Sterling Silver Owl Ring: a hand-crafted owl that makes a nice gift for friends and loved ones.

Owl Ring: a 14k gold owl ring that wraps around your finger and turns heads. It is 1″ long from beak to tail.

Octopus Tentacle Ring: an antique style adjustable silver ring available in 5 to 10 size.

Glow In the Dark Snake Ring: this color changing ring is available in bronze and silver with 17 colors.

Big Hero 6 Superhero Ring: put a small Baymax head on your fingers. Has two black diamonds in its eyes.

Circuit Board Ring: a silver ring for computer geeks in your life.

Lightsaber Engagement Ring: this Star Wars ring is available in 14k gold and Palladium. You can customize it with Rebel Alliance, Death Star, Sith, and other cogs.

TIE Fighter Ring: a Star Wars ring 3D printed in wax and cast in sterling silver.

My Wings are Crossed: a Star Wars X Wing Ring for men and women. It is made with black and white diamonds, rubies or sapphire.

Diamonds & Yellow Gold Calla Ring: this stunning ring is inspired by Calla flowers. It has 93 black diamond stones and 1 white diamond.

Gun Ring: 14k white and yellow gold revolver ring for gun enthusiasts.

Chess Rings: a full set of 32 rings as chess pieces. Available in silver and brass. A laser cut acrylic chess board is also available.

DNA Ring: a geeky ring for science lovers in your life. It is made with sterling silver.

Specdrums: app connected rings that turn colors into sounds. You can connect up to 10 rings to your iOS or Android device.

ORII: this smart ring turns your finger into a phone. May not look as stylish as a golden ring but makes your life easier.

Solar System Rings: this set has 9 stackable rings modeled after our solar system. They are handmade of sterling silver and glass/stone beads.

laser ring

Laser Ring: lets you shoot laser from your finger, so you can burn things or kill balloons with it.

Fisher Defensive Go Guarded Self Defense Ring

Go Guarded Self Defense Ring: makes it easier for your loved ones to defend themselves. Great for hikers, runners, and active people.

nimb ring

Nimb Smart Ring: comes with a panic button and app to get you out of trouble. It sends your GPS coordinates to your safety circles.

Streetwise Sting Ring

Streetwise Sting Ring: a stun gun ring with squeeze-n-stun technology that can buy you time. It has a discreet design for your safety.


Hexagon Self Defense Ring: you can carry this in your pocket or open & wear it on your fingers to break glass or defend yourself.

Stay tuned as we will cover more geeky rings here in the future.

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