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3Bays GSA Zone Golf Analyzer [iOS/Android]

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3bay golf analyzer

You can’t become a better golfer if you don’t work on your game. Not everyone can afford a personal golf coach, but you could always rely on a smart golf analyzer like the GSA Zone to improve your game. This is a lightweight, compact golf analyzer that attaches to your club to help you monitor and improve your game. The companion app runs on iOS/Android devices.

The GSA Zone has an advanced motion tracking engine with a 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to digitize your swing motions. Every time you make a shot, a clear 3D animated representation of your swing path along with various swing metrics show up on your mobile device.

You can compare your swings to make adjustments. The device provides you with invaluable information about your swings to let you know what to work on to improve your game. You can find out more about this gadget on Kickstarter.

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