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5 Super Cool 3D Printed Toys & Gadgets We Have Tested

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5 Super Cool 3D Printed Toys & Gadgets 😎 Gadgetify

With 3D printers getting more advanced every year, people are able to print all kinds of amazing gadgets and toys with them. That includes smartphone stands, science toys, kinetic art, and desktop toys. Here are 5 amazing 3D printed toys and gadgets that we have tested recently:

3D Printed Ultrasonic Acoustic Levitator ►► Gadgetify

Acoustic Levitator: a 3D printed science toy that can levitate water drops, insects, and other tiny items with acoustic radiation pressure. The Ultrasonic Acoustic Levitator (TinyLev) ships with a 3D printed structure, adapter, transducers, and everything you need to get started.

3D Printed Kaleidoscope by Charles Karadimos ✴️ Gadgetify

3D Printed Kaleidoscope by Charles Karadimos: a gorgeous piece of art with a 2-mirror system to create beautiful random 8 point patterns. It took 15 hours to print this.

The Cyclone: 3D Printed Marble Machine ★ Gadgetify

Cyclone: a 3D printed triple lift, triple track marble machine designed by mroek. It lifts multiple marbles simultaneously and releases them onto separate tracks.

3D Printed Electro Kinetic Optical Illusion Flower 👉 Gadgetify

Optical Illusion Flower: a motorized 3D printed kinetic optical illusion toy with adjustable speed. The top part is 3D printed.

3D Printed Optical Illusion Fidget Spinner ► Gadgetify

3D Printed Fidget Spinner: an optical illusion fidget spinner that creates trippy patterns as you give it a spin.

Stay tuned as we will cover more 3D printed toys here and on our YouTube channel.

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