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Opener’s BlackFly Flying Car with Triple Redundancy

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We are all waiting to get our hands on a reliable flying car. The good news is a bunch of companies are working on it. Opener’s BlackFly is a new aircraft with redundant motors/elevons/batteries, return-to-home, auto-land, and other convenient features for a safe flight.

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This flying vehicle is geo-fance capable. It also comes with a joystick for easy control. BlackFly can hover in place and achieve VTOL. It is all electric and offers take-off and landing assist. Here are the specs:

  • Single Seat
  • Fixed tandem-wing
  • Full electric
  • Joystick control
  • Grass, asphalt, snow, ice landing capability
  • 25 miles range (US)
  • Cruise speed of 62mph
  • Max ascension rate of 1000 fpm
  • amphibious

More info is available here.

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