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CAME 7500 Gimbal DSLR GyroStabilizer

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So you want to take less shaky videos with your DSLR? You are going to need a decent stabilizer. The CAME 7500 Gimbal DSLR Gyrostabilizer is not your average stabilizer. It is a ready to run 3 axis stabilization system that can be used for various cameras, including small and lightweight DSLRs. You can calibrate and adjust the system using its free software.

The CAME 7500 has a full carbon fiber and aluminum body and an integrated joystick. It has 2 sensors. The free software, which runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, can calibrate and adjust your camera’s profile. Just bring your Canon 7D, 5D, or other comparable camera, and you are set. Not cheap, but this is quite a decent stabilization system for DSLRs.

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