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Cmoar for Smartphones: 2D + 3D + Augmented Reality + VR

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We hear a lot about virtual reality headsets and augmented reality solutions these days. You don’t always need to buy super expensive pieces of equipment to start experimenting with these technologies. Take Cmoar for instance: it is an innovative smartphone viewer that brings 2D/3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality to your home. You just have to bring your smartphone, and you are set. Cmoar has a case for accessories and goggles. The system supports 100+ smartphones. The base has a universal camera output, headphones, and USB output.

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The goggles have 3 sets of interchangeable lenses. Just insert the set you want, and you are ready to put Cmoar to good use. For starters, you can experience a 125″ display in front of you. You can also get a 3D experience with these goggles. A unique virtual cinema app is available to enhance your experience. Cmoar can also serve as virtual reality goggles, allowing you to get a more immersive gaming experience. In augmented reality mode, you can use all 3 sets of lenses to get the effect you want.

Cmoar is developer friendly, so programmers can make games and other exciting solutions for it. The price is very reasonable too. You can get one of these on Kickstarter for as low as $75, but you have to support the project early.

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