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HexHog All-Terrain Off-Road Wheelchair

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We have covered some awesome off-road wheelchairs in the past (see RIPCHAIR). The HexHog happens to be another one that gives you access to extreme terrain. Using this off-road wheelchair, you will be able to go places you wouldn’t be able to with a regular wheelchair. The HexHog measures just under 1.22m wide and weighs 600 lb. It has a flexible chassis to provide you with a stable experience. Its six wheels maintain contact when traveling through rough terrain, rocks and steep steps.

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The HexHog facilitates independent transfer from wheelchair (using its seat transfer system). You get joystick control to move your wheelchair where you want. Here are the specs:

  • Battery: 36v Lithium Ion
  • Transmission: 6×6
  • Motors: 2 x Permanent magnet pancake motors
  • Maximum Operational gradient: 30° (50%) in any direction
  • Range: 8 to 12 miles
  • Top speed: 8.5 mph
  • Emergency: Emergency stop button

Not cheap but quite a wheelchair to use to experience the outdoors.

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