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ikago Heat Coaster Pro Full Set Tested: Smart Coffee/Tea Mug Warmer with Digital Display

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Having to put up with a cold coffee or tea is not fun. When you’re distracted by work, it’s easy to forget about your drink until it’s gone cold. The ikago Heat Coaster Pro is a smart digital coffee mug warmer that can help. It has an adjustable temperature and keeps your drink warm till you are ready to have it. The good folks behind it were kind enough to send us the UK and US versions to test. Here is what was included:

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Our ikago Heat Coaster Pro Full Set came neatly packed. It ships with a gorgeous handmade ceramic mug with a matching lid, a base with a smart display and a spoon. First thing we noticed is this set doesn’t take much space. It also doesn’t have the limitations of battery powered heated mugs. Our UK model needed a voltage transformer as it has a 220V power requirement. The US version works with a standard 110V outlet. These two units were identical except their plugs.

The ikago smart coffee mug warmer is pretty easy to use: we simply poured our drink, set the temperature to 175 degrees, put the mug on it, and the rest was easy. This is not a kettle or microwave, so don’t expect it to heat your coffee to your desired temperature in seconds. At the same time, if you put a hot drink on it, it will maintain the temperature for as long as you need.

The control panel is pretty easy to use. You get a button on the side to turn the coffee warmer on & off. The plus and minus buttons let you increase and reduce the temperature in 1-degree increments. You can also hold to change the temperature much faster. You can tap and hold to change the unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

The manufacturer recommends using the included mug but you can technically use other ceramic mugs. You should not use glass or metal mugs. The display is pretty convenient as it not only shows your target temperature but the current temperature. The unit has an auto shut-off function, so it will turn off after 15 minutes when no mug is detected or if you leave your cup unmoved for more than 2 hours. This coffee warmer is pretty safe but the surface gets hot, so you will want to avoid touching it.

The entire set doesn’t weigh a whole lot, so you can take it with you camping or outside when the weather cooperates. You are just going to need a portable power station with an outlet that can handle the 75W base.

Overall, we found the ikago Heat Coaster Pro to be very easy to use. We didn’t even have to use the manual. It is plug & play, so you just have to pour your drink in the included mug, put it on the base, and set the right temperature. We had the opportunity to test the UK & US version and both work identically. If you are looking for a smart coffee mug warmer with easily adjustable settings and a compact design, you should give this set a look.

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