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LEGO Apothicon Servant from COD Black Ops 3

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LEGO Apothicon Servant

Those of you who are a fan of the Call of Duty series are familiar with the Apothicon Servant. It is a Wonder Weapon found on the Shadows of Evil map. Seeing such a weapon in the game is nice but holding a real one is a whole different experience. As it happens, ZaziNombies has posted a video of the LEGO version of the Apothicon Servant.

This weapon was made using about 2100 pieces. It weighs close to 12 lbs. When all the tentacles are fully extended, this measures close to 4 feet long. With the the head of a squid, teeth of a shark, and wings of a dragon, the LEGO Apothicon Servant is a head-turner, don’t you think?


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