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12 Must See Levitating Gadgets

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Magnetically levitated gadgets are becoming a thing. Whether you are looking for a levitated charger, speaker, or light, there is a product out there for you. Here are 12 magnetically levitated gadgets you don’t want to miss:

levitating cup

LevitatingCup: floats your drinks over its metallic base. It works via magnets and an electrical field.

LUNALUXX: a levitating lamp with magnetic suspension and remote-phosphor lightning technologies to suspend a light emitting disc in the air

levitating waters

Levitating Waters: most of us have seen people levitate water drops on YouTube and other sites in the past. This kit lets you levitate water drops at home.

Levitating Nixie Tube Clock

Levitating Nixie Clock: this Nixie clock hovers above its base and displays time and date. Bluetooth control is expected to be also available.

ovrcharge levitating charger

OvRcharge: a levitating wireless charger for your smartphone. It combines magnetic levitation and induction charging to get the job done. You can also rotate your phone.


ICE Orb Harmony: a levitating Bluetooth speaker that floats 10mm above its magnetic base.


Flyte: a levitated light bulb that floats using magnets. Just line up the center of the bulb with the base and let go when the light turns on. The device can also charge your phone.

helium levitate

Helium Levitate: levitates and spins above its base and plays your music through a 3-watt speaker. It also has a built-in mic, so you can take calls.

Mars: another levitating Bluetooth speaker that provides you with 360-degree sound experience. It is waterproof up to 3 feet.

Levitating Disco Ball: don’t want to buy levitated toys? You can always build your own. This guide shows you how to magnetically levitate a miniature disco ball.


Levitron: a levitating table lamp with a lampshade that floats 3 inch above it and spins in a counter-gravitational direction.

magic cube

Magic Cube: a magnetic levitation platform with rotating prism cubes. It floats objects up to 300 grams in mid-air.

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