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Levo Kindle & iPad Stand

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The idea behind stands for iPads and Kindles is nothing new. People love using stands as they let them operate on their gadgets in a hands-free fashion. But not all stands are created equal. If you are lazy like me and would love to use your iPad in your bed or when sitting on a couch, you are going to need the Levo Kindle & iPad Stand. It is a highly versatile floor stand that lets you use your tablet or e-reader without having to hold it in your hands.

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The beauty of this stand is the fact that you can just recline in your chair or lie in bed and use your tablet without any worries. The stand gets out of your way with a push. You can move it around your home easily. Levo’s stand supports multiple positions and is easy to set up.

This stand is solid and does not tip over. It keeps your tablet or e-reader safe at all times. It is highly adjustable too. Pretty nice pick up for e-book lovers and tablet junkies.

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