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MYRIWELL 3D Printing Pen for Modeling

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MYRIWELL 3D Printing Pen

3D printing is a lot of fun. You can get an expensive printer to build awesome models. You can’t carry a large 3D printer with you though. 3D printing pens are different. They are small enough for you to carry around to build models and bring your ideas to life quickly. Lix and 3Doodler are already two great options for you to choose from. MYRIWELL 3D Printing Pen serves as another affordable 3D printing pen.

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Here are the specifications for this device:

  • Printing Speed: 65ms (Adjustable)
  • Extruding Temp: 160°C ~ 260°C
  • Barrel Temp: 40°C ~ 60°C
  • Nozzle Aperture: 0.4mm
  • Weight: 65g

The MYRIWELL pen sets you back $80 at this time.

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