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4 App-enabled Smart Laser Toys for Cats

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Many cat lovers have tried regular laser toys in the past. They are more than capable of keeping your pets entertained. These 4 laser cat toys can be controlled from a smartphone, so they are even more convenient for pet lovers to use:


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Obi: a smart laser toy for cats that you can control from your smartphone. It has Automatic and Manual modes. The Obi app lets you use your iPhone as a trackpad to control the laser.

Petcube WiFi Pet Camera: lets you monitor your pet and play games with it. The 4-inch aluminum and glass cube looks elegant. You get a HD video camera, microphone, speakers, and low-intensity laser.

helmet camera

Helmet: an app-enabled camera that lets you watch your place and get notified when there is any sound or movement in your home. It has a built-in laser too!


Kittyo: lets you play with your cat from your iOS or Android device. The device has an audio speaker and a treat dispenser as well.

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