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3D Printed Hydraulic Prosthetic Arm for Children

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3D printed prosthetic limbs can make life easier for lots of people. Ambionics is developing prosthesis for children using 3D printing technology. Ben Ryan’s approach involves using fluid to operate a grabbing mechanism. The arm is powered by the wearer’s own muscles. It is lightweight and has no small parts that can come loose.

Here is the story:

When Ben’s son, Sol, was born in March 2015, complications resulted in the amputation of his lower left arm. Ben saw his son losing responsiveness and acceptance of his left arm, and decided to act … Ben designed and created his 3D printed hydraulic prosthetic arm on the Stratasys Connex 3D Printer. The DAHB unit enables the wearer to open and close the thumb in manual mode or with assistive power (using compressed air or a hydraulic pump and reservoir), but the grip continues to operate manually in the event of power interruption.

A pretty special project if you ask us. More info is available here.

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