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6 Best HD Digital Media Players for your TV

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I am often asked whether I get this program or that program with my cable programming. I have to say I fired my cable company a while ago. Websites such as YouTube have so much content that you are set for life. And if you are into movies, you won’t need HBO. Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand are great services to use to download videos and free yourself from the chains of your cable provider. Thanks to HD media players for your TV, you can now watch these content and stream them over to your HDTV in seconds. All you will need is a broadband Internet connection. Your TV Digital Media Player does the rest.

If you are looking for a device to help you use your Internet connection or other storage devices to watch content on your HDTV, here are 6 HD digital media players you should consider:

NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Live: it plays movies, video, music and photos stored on USB drives, computers or NAS devices. But perhaps the best reason to own it is to watch YouTube videos on your TV without needing a computer. On-demand content via CinemaNow is included as well.

ASUS O!Play - TV HD Media Player (Black)

ASUS O!Play – TV HD Media Player: a cool little media player for your TV that lets you bring your content to your TV fast. You can connect your hard drives, flash drives, and NAS to your player and browse through your content over the network as well.

Vudu VBX1000 1TB black video server

Vudu VBX1000 1TB black video server: one cool gadget for movie heads. It’s not a cheap device by any means, but if you are canceling your cable (which you should), then you can afford this one. You can also get content from YouTube, Pandora, Flickr, and Picasa.

VuNow VN1000HD High Definition Kit Includes Wireless Adaptor and HDMI Cable

VuNow VN1000HD High Definition Player: a very exciting online digital media player for your TV that lets you watch international channels as well as lots of free channels on your TV. It supports YouTube, CinemaNow, and many other content sources.

Roku Digital Video Player

Roku Digital Video Player: the best device if you are interested in watching Netflix and Amazon On Demand videos on your TV. It works both in wired and wireless mode.

Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player: works with popular USB drives, and digital cameras, camcorders, and portable media players. It doesn’t come with network connectivity, but there seems to be a hack out there that lets you connect a USB dongle and go online on this device.
What’s your favorite TV digital media player?

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