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5 Cool Personal Locators That Get You Out of Trouble

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The GPS technology has been around for a while, and it helps a lot of folks find their way to their destination and save time and money in the process. But that’s not the only thing the technology is good at. It can also help you find your way out of tight spots, and even track your car or other posessions. Whether you are stuck on the road and need to let others know you are or just want to find your car in a crowded area, Personal GPS Locators can help you out.

If you are looking for a gadget to help you track your possessions or get you out of tight spots, here are 5 personal locators you should try:

IDC Ecco Intelligent Digital Compass Personal Pocket GPS Locator: helps you find your way back to your car or your hotel. Provides you with accurate directions so you are never lost.

Bushnell GPS BackTrack Personal Locator

Bushnell GPS BackTrack Personal Locator: store and locate up to 3 locations and provides distance and direction back, so you can find you way back at all times.

Zoombak ZMBK200 Advanced GPS Car and Family Locator

Zoombak ZMBK200 Advanced GPS Car: this is a cool gadget that lets you pinpoints your car’s real-time location on-demand anywhere within nationwide coverage area online.

TR-102: GlobalSat TR-102 Personal GPS Tracker (GSM, SMS, GPRS)

GlobalSat TR-102 Personal GPS Tracker: lets you track your location and lets you find out where you are. It’s the ultimate GPS tracking device.

Spot Satellite Messenger with GPS Tracking

Spot Satellite Messenger with GPS Tracking: great for hikers, campers, and anyone who loves an adventure. Can get you out of tight spots when you are lost.

Whether you are a serial camper looking to have your peace of mind during your adventures or just a shopper wanting to be able to find your car fast, the above gadgets come in handy. Who says GPS technology is only good for driving directions?

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