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BLUETTI EB3A Review & Test: Smartphone Controlled Portable Power Station with Wireless Charging

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BLUETTI EB3A Review: App Controlled Portable Power Station Tested 🔋 Gadgetify

Getting stuck without power is not ideal. If you have a CPAP machine or other essential devices that you need to use during an outage, you should consider investing in a reliable power station. These devices have been getting smarter over the years. The latest models feature faster charging and more powerful batteries to last longer and charge more devices at once. Take the BLUETTI EB3A for instance: it is a portable power station with app connectivity. It has a 600W AC inverter, a 268Wh LiFePO4 battery, and 9 outlets.

The good folks at Bluetti were kind enough to send us a unit to review. The package came with AC & solar charging cables and a manual in addition to the battery. Once you pick it up, you can feel the weight as it has a battery powerful enough to charge a mobile phone over 20 times.

The EB3A was so convenient to use, we didn’t have to look at the manual at all. It has buttons for turning on/off the light, DC, and AC outputs. It also has a bright display that shows output, remaining power, and activated mode. You can recharge the unit in 6 ways, including with a power outlet, car, or solar panels. The built-in light has multiple modes and a SOS mode for emergencies.

We found the app pretty easy to use. Connecting to the power station via the Bluetti iOS app was fast. Once connected, we were able to turn on/off functions and monitor battery level on our phone. There is also a section that lets you change charging speed, ECO setting and LED light mode.

The BLUETTI EB3A was powerful enough to handle my fairly large evaporative fan, CPAP machine, desk lamp and even Tesla coil (100W). It comes with overload, over temperature, short circuit, and other safety protections but you wouldn’t want to risk overloading it with devices that draw too much power.

While the USB ports and outlets are convenient for connecting your phones and small appliances, you wouldn’t want to miss the wireless charging pad on top. It was able to charge our iPhone through its case. The handle felt sturdy and made it easy for us to move the battery around. You can use this as a UPS solution for your server or computer in case of an unexpected power outage.

The BLUETTI EB3A has multiple charging modes, including standard, turbo and silent that you can change on your phone. In Turbo mode, we were able to go from 0 to 50% in just a few minutes. The company recommends using that option only when you are in quick need of power. In Turbo mode, the EB3A made a little bit of noise but it wasn’t anything unexpected. We used a FLIR camera to read the thermal signature of the device while it was being charged. The battery did not get too warm during the process.

Overall, we found the BLUETTI EB3A Power Station very convenient to use. It is user-friendly and requires no complex setup. It is powerful enough to handle a CPAP machine, desk lamp, fan, and other comparable devices. It can also charge drone batteries, laptops and phones. While you don’t need the app to get started, it is a very convenient way to monitor and manage features from a distance.

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