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HiTrainer PRO for Advanced Sports Training

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Competitive athletes do everything possible to improve their performance and beat their rivals. They can’t achieve success without proper training though. The HiTrainer Pro is one of many machines pro athletes can use to improve their performance. The machine combines HIIT with instant performance feedback to improve your conditioning. It helps improve your anaerobic recovery, strength endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The HiTrainer improves your muscle cell efficiency and cardiovascular fitness by creating high demand for oxygen for as long as possible.

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The HiTrainer keeps your core muscles engaged at all times. It also analyzes your performance, so you can see your data in real time and evaluate how well you are doing. The companion Bluetooth tablet has 100s of high intensity training protocols to help you achieve your fitness goals. Trainers can create their own custom programs. They can also send and review their data online (via WiFi). This is not a cheap machine, but it could prove useful for trainers managing multiple pro athletes.

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