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King Competition vs. Chessnut Air+ Chess Computer

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Chess computers have been around since the 70s. They have come a long way since Boris. The Chessnut Air+, which we covered a while ago, is a gorgeous wooden chessboard that lets you play on Chess.com and Lichess. It has smart piece recognition, so you can easily set up positions. It also works with WhitePawn and other third party apps. It has a built-in engine but you can use Stockfish and other engines to test your skills.

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The King Competition vs. Chessnut Air+ Chess Computer 👑 Gadgetify

The King Competition is a standalone board with an estimated rating of 2450 ELO. It has a press sensory board and a display that lets you adjust levels and other settings. Unlike similar chess computers, this one supports Chess960 right out of the box. You can connect it to the internet with an optional ChessLink module.

Millennium Chess computers are designed to be modular, so you can use them with a battery and other addons to enhance their capability. The Chessnut Air+ has a bit of a more compact design and is generally smarter. For example, it knows exactly which piece you are picking up, so you can set up a position or do studies fast. It also lets you share your games on the internet via a link. The King Competition is great if you want an app-free experience. In the above video, we put these two chessboards to the test.


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