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Moov Wearable Coaches You

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As someone who has owned a bunch of wearable devices in the past, I can tell you that many of them simply track what you do but don’t offer helpful feedback. If you need coaching or corrective measures, many wearables on the market simply can’t help you. Moov can. This awesome gadget is a wearable fitness device that takes your training to the next level. It analyzes your form with its sensors to give you specific, real-time instructions.

Moov and the Moov app track your movement, analyze your body’s position, and provide instant feedback. You get feedback on your phone and via your earphones. Running, cycling, swimming, boxing and body weight activities are currently supported. You can attach Moov on your wrist, arm, ankle or shoe. If you are inactive for too long, Moov will get you moving.

Moov uses 9-axis sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer) to track your motion and evaluate your form. It connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. It is simply designed to help you maximize your workouts. The developers are planning to release a SDK to allow developers to create gesture-based apps. Pretty impressive on paper, isn’t it?

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