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5 Outdoor Exercise Machines That Are Fun

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Exercising at home can get boring after a while. That’s why I prefer running outside. But what if you are used to your treadmill or elliptical machine? You can’t exactly take them with you outside, can you? These 5 outdoor exercise machines let you do just that:

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StreetStrider Elliptical Bike: you can use it for urban commuting and exercising. An indoor/outdoor elliptical cross trainer, the StreetStrider gives you the benefits of jogging, skiing and cycling without the physical stress on your body.

Elliptigo: it is a fun outdoor bike that works like an elliptical. It helps you burn a ton of calories and does not bore you.

Speedmobile: this is a treadmill on wheels. It is powered by you. As you can see, two people can run on it. Looks pretty challenging and unique.

Rowbike: a rower that gives you a total body workout. It might look like a bike but works like a rower.

AquaSkipper: a fun watercraft that enables you to fly across water by power jumping. As long as you can get the hang of it, this can be fun.

Which one of these outdoor exercise machines are you impressed with?

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