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Respiray Wear A+ Tested: Allergy Relieving Wearable with HEPA Filter

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Dealing with seasonal allergies is not a lot of fun. There are various medications that can alleviate your symptoms but not everyone wants to take them. Investing in a decent air purifier can help you keep your allergies in check. The Respiray Wear A+ is a portable, wearable gadget with a HEPA filter that delivers clean air to your nose. The good folks at Respiray were kind enough to send us a unit to test. Let’s see what was included:

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The Respiray Wear A+ has quite a sleek design. It has a HEPA filter and a pre-filter to capture airborne particles that could trigger your symptoms. It can be effective for people who are allergic to pets, dust, or pollen. The device has an intuitive design with easy setup. Our package came with the main unit, two HEPA filters, a magnetic strap, and a washable pre-filter.

The Wear A+ features a USB charging port and a rechargeable battery. Inserting the filters was a breeze. The magnetic strap lets you make adjustments. The main filter has its top side marked, so there is no guessing required. I happen to have a larger neck and had no trouble wearing this. The strap is adjustable and can comfortably fit smaller necks as well. The Wear A+ has two speeds that you can change with the touch of a button.

This gadget also gives you feedback on battery life and filter life with lights. The main filter captures allergens, pathogens, and other particles. You can replace it by removing the top cover. The pre-filter simply takes care of larger particles. I tested the device while cleaning my cats’ litter box. The pre-filter did a great job capturing a lot of dust. The filter lasts up to 200 hours. You will probably want to replace it every 3 months. You get a spare filter but additional filters can be bought on Amazon or Respiray’s website.

The device is pretty quiet at the lowest mode. Even in high mode, it is not super loud. The entire unit weighs less than 300 grams. It has a compact design, so you can wear it comfortably while cleaning, watching TV or doing work. It creates a small zone around your nose to deliver clean air.

We found the Wear A+ to be very easy to use. The filters were quite effective based on our tests. We wish the fan had an even higher speed but that would probably increase the noise level, reduce battery life, and pose other engineering challenges. Overall, this clever gadget helps manage your allergy symptoms without medication. Even if you are not allergic, you are going to enjoy breathing the clean air your wearable air purifier puts out.

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