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30+ Must See Geeky Playing Cards

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There are plenty of boring deck of cards available on the market. Looking for playing cards that bring more to the table or teach you new things? You shouldn’t miss these:

Code Deck: programming playing cards with each card featuring a code snippet in a different programming language.

Coding Is Good: this card game is designed to teach Python programming to kids ages 8 and above.

Urban Survival Playing Cards: these cover basic survival skills and everything you need to survive disasters.

Scientist Playing Cards: this deck teaches you about scientists and their contributions. This particular set has mathematicians, inventors, astronomers, and physicists.

Constellation Playing Cards: a beautiful deck of cards with illustrated constellations and information about them. It has 2 jokers with reference chart to the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Fitdeck Illustrated Exercise Playing Cards: these cards come with workouts for beginners to advanced users. Great for bodyweight moves to complete a killer routine every day.


Kama Sutra Playing Cards: want to spice up your sex life? These cards come with various fun positions for you and your partner to try.

Batman Playing Cards: a gift idea for Batman fans. These are stylish cards inspired by Batman.

Shinigami Playing Cards: Bleach is one of the most popular Manga around. This deck has various popular characters from the series.

Kikkerland Playing Cards: these optical illusion cards create a special effect when moved.

Space Playing Cards: these cards feature beautiful NASA photographs. You get 2 jokers too.

Glow in the Dark Cards: these cards lets you play in the dark and last up to 2 hours.

Design Deck: these teach you a thing or two about graphic design. They have design concepts, info on typography, and design terminology.

Periodic Table Playing Cards: this chemistry deck of cards helps you learn the periodic table.

Human Skeleton Playing Cards: helps you understand bones in the human body. Each card has one or two bones with names in English, French, and Spanish.

3D Metal Mechanized Playing Cards

3D Metal Mechanized Playing Cards: this deck of cards transforms into an artwork with functioning gears. You get stainless steel cards.

Nebula Playing Cards: these beautiful cards are inspired by the universe. Made for Cardistry.

Astronomy Playing Cards: another deck of playing cards with NASA photos. They have over 100 different images of planets, stars, and galaxies.

Steampunk Playing Cards: this beautiful deck comes with steampunk themed illustrations.

Optical Illusions Playing Cards: this deck comes with 54 cards with optical illusions with explanations.

Jumbo Playing Cards: has 10.5 x 14.5″ cards. Great for poker decorations and parties.

Wilderness Survival Playing Cards: comes with the information you need to start a fire, survive an avalanche, avoid snakebites, and get by in the outdoors.

Firefly Playing Cards: as the name suggests, this is a Firefly-themed playing cards. It comes with 52 cards, 2 jokers, and 2 gambling IOUs.

Aquarius Ouija Playing Cards: this deck comes with images of the Ouija talking board.

Authors Card Game: has 52 cards with portraits of writers and list of their works.

Smithsonian Dinosaur Playing Cards: so dinosaurs are your thing? This deck of cards has you covered. It comes with relevant info for each species.

Wild Flowers Playing Cards: this beautiful deck gets you familiar with a variety of wild flowers.

Black Scorpion Deck: a two toned black and yellow poker deck for play and magic tricks.

8-Bit Playing Cards: a deck of black & gold cards made with retro video gamers in mind.

Kill La Kill Cards: this deck comes with cards with characters from the anime series.

Dragon Tome Playing Cards: a beautiful set that makes a nice gift for dragon lovers.

Birds of Prey Playing Cards: gets you familiar with birds, vultures, hawks, owls, and eagles. 54 different cards are included.

Naruto Shippuden Playing Cards: another deck of cards for serious Manga fans.

Rothco WWII Spotter Playing Cards: comes with cards that have the name and views of friendly and enemy aircraft from World Wide II.

Have you found cooler playing cards? Please share them here.

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