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Glow In The Dark Pet Collars

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We have seen glow-in-the-dark cables, shirts, and many other products in the past. WEE-GLO collars are designed to provide additional safety for your pet. They glow for 12+ hours and do not need any batteries. They are recharged in 10 minutes or so. Here is how it works:

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The white yarns are coated utilizing a patented process we developed using photoluminescent pigments that are made from rare earth elements to activate alkali aluminate and silicate material through a hi-tech process. It absorbs light (natural day light or electrical lamp light) for about 10~20 minutes and then emits a visible light for more than 12 hours in the dark.

These collars are safe for your pet and make it visible at night. Pretty useful for dog lovers among us. You can support this project on Kickstarter.


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