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Levitron Platinum Tested: Gravity Defying Spin Top

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The Levitron is one of the coolest physics toys we have seen. It was made in a variety of designs. It involves spinning a top and getting it to levitate and continue spinning above the base. These are not easy to levitate but once you do manage it, the effect is quite mesmerizing. We recently had a chance to test the Levitron Platinum. Here is what was included:

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The box came with a magnetic base, a spin top, weights, and a lifter. With a bit of practice, you can spin this fast enough for the levitation to happen. I personally prefer a motorized spinner to get it going fast. You simply have to get the weight right for the levitation effect to happen. Just slowly lift the toy above the base to see it lock in place.

Levitron Platinum Tested: Mindblowing Cool Levitating Spin Top 😎 Gadgetify

The Levitron requires a balanced surface to work. Many of these models allow you to make adjustments to the base to make sure the toy floats. This effect is achieved thanks to spinning motion and magnetic repulsion. The balancing act between the forces keeps the top floating. This toy is rare but you can find it on eBay.


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