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170+ Awesome Robots You Should See

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In the past few years, we have had the opportunity to cover plenty of exciting robots for education, research, business, and other activities. Here are 175+ robots that stood out for us:


InMoov: an open source, 3D printed humanoid robot with 5 DOF in each arm and 16 DOF in each hand.


ALAN: an animatronic robotic kit developed with learners in mind. It has object recognition, color tracking, web search, and other advanced features.

ada robotic arm

Ada Hand: a fully articulated robotic hand with 5 degrees of freedom that can be controlled from a PC or Mac.


HACKberry Bionic Arm: a prosthetic arm with muscle sensors that pairs with a smartphone to process user data.

Robot Surgeon: robots like this will perform surgeries for us or help surgeons do their jobs better.


Meca500: a 6-axis robot arm for research, education, and lab automation.

if robot

In-situ Fabricator Robot Builder: in the future, robots will work on our buildings. This robot builder that can move around building sites automatically and make structures.


Circos: this robot has sensors, microphone, camera, and a dexterous hand to hold objects and get work done in the kitchen.

walkman Walk-Man: a humanoid robot with human-like movement for emergencies.


Valkyrie: a 6′2″ humanoid robot with detachable arms, cameras, and sensors that can perform a one-legged balance routine, among other tasks.


RoboBuilder UXA-90: a 1-meter tall humanoid robot that can balance itself and play soccer. It can produce human-like movement patterns.


ROBOTIS THORMANG: a humanoid robot for rescue missions. The robot is 1.5m tall and weighs 49 kg.

Momaro Robot Driving a Car

Momaro: a wheeled-legged robot capable of manipulating things and driving a car.

motobot robot

MotoBot: an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot capable of performing at high speeds.

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