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Filmbo: Auto Tracking Robotic Dock for iPhone

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Meet the Filmbo: an auto tracking camera dock that lets you use your iPhone to capture your moves outdoors. The device has a lightweight design and can handle iPhone 4s or later. This robotic dock follows you and captures action. The device has 3 modes: robotic video mode, moment photo mode, and robotic time-lapse mode. Using them, you will be able to capture better shots, create higher quality time-lapse videos, and more.

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The companion app lets you control your robot, select different modes, and search/track objects automatically. You don’t need a wearable to put this robotic solution to good use as it uses smart motion tracking technology. The base also charges your smartphone and offers 360° pan and 20° tilt. The battery should last you over 8 hours. The product is available on Indiegogo.

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