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FluffyPaw Tested: Fleece Blanket Cat Hoodie with Kangaroo Pouch

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As cat lovers, we have been keeping track of companies that introduce innovative products for felines. Shichic was on our radar for its Poop Lounge and Nest litter box enclosures. The FluffyPaw is also worth a look. It is a fleece blanket hoodie with a kangaroo pouch for cats, allowing pet parents to relax with their kitty. The good folks behind it gave us the chance to review it. Let’s see what was included:

We found the FluffyPaw to be quite cute. We got the lion version but a cat style is also available. We tested it on a 30° F day and found it to be extremely cozy. The pouch is not huge but should be able to handle cats under 9lbs. Unfortunately, we have only 2 cats under that weight. The pouch is adjustable and can be opened with a zipper.

The FluffyPaw has tiny kitty hands, a tail, and pom-poms that you can use to keep your kitty entertained. Getting our cats used to the pouch took a bit of work. While they like sleeping on this, they didn’t want to try the pouch. We got them used to it with lickable treats. We also managed to fit a couple of backyard kittens into it to walk while feeding them.

This hoodie has pockets on both sides. You can use it to relax with your pet on the couch or simply carry them around. We received the large size but a smaller size is also available. If you are over 5’5″, you are most likely going to find the Large size more comfortable.

The FluffyPaw is great for a quick cuddle with your pet. You can also use it to snap cute photos for Instagram and other social media platforms. Giving your cats treats is one way to get them to stay for a bit longer. While the pouch provides ample support for kittens, it allows them to leave when they want, so they won’t panic.

This is a polar fleece hoodie, so you will want to be careful how you wash it. We hand washed it just to be safe but you can machine wash it if you follow the provided instructions. You also want to be careful with the detergent you use.

Overall, we found the FluffyPaw to be quite comfortable to wear on a cold winter day. Only a couple of our cats fit in the pouch but they decided to stay in there longer with treats. Even without our pets, this was great for a quick nap. You can wear these while getting things done around your home. While 2 sizes are currently available, custom sizes could be in the works. Whether you are looking for a cute wearable blanket to keep you warm or just want something to hold your pet as you snap cute photos, the FluffyPaw is well worth a look.

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