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Grush Toothbrush Is Fun For Kids (iOS/Android)

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I don’t know bout but I wish I had listened to my parents when they pushed me to brush my teeth regularly when I was a child. Bad decisions you make when you are young will come back to haunt you. Brushing teeth does not have to be boring though. Smart toothbrushes are already on their way. Take Grush for instance. It is a gaming toothbrush that doubles as a motion sensing gaming controller. The sensor detects stroke, intensity, rotation, and gestures and transmit data to Grush Games on a mobile device.

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Grush Toothbrush is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Its games guide children through the entire brushing process, making sure every are is covered. The data is stored in the cloud, so parents can monitor their children’s progress and reward them. Grush makes brushing teeth fun for kids and keeps parents on top of things. This fun idea is on Indiegogo right now.

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