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HD LCD Monitor 3 for Playstation 3

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So you have been watching other people brag about how they finish that popular game on their PS3 for too long? How are you going to play PS3 if you don’t have a TV (or a spare one) in your home? HD LCD Monitor 3 is a portable PS3 monitor that sits on the top of your slim gaming console and lets you play games at home or wherever you can take your PS3 to.

This monitor comes with 2 connectors. It has built-in stereo speakers. You get a 11.6″ display with 1366 x 768 maximum resolution. It is slim and does not add too much bulk to your gaming console. Its brightness and sound level can be customized too.

Who says you need an expensive HDTV to play PS3?

Get HD LCD Monitor 3 here.

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