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Neuromusculoskeletal Mind Controlled Prosthetic Arm

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Prosthetic limbs are getting more advanced all the time. They allow amputees to live more independently. This robotic prosthesis is mind-controlled to provide a more natural experience to the user. It is connected to the muscles and nerves to allow users to sense how hard they grip with their hand.

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This robotic prosthetic arm feels and works like a real hand. Here is how it works:

the sensation of touch, is possible through stimulation of the nerves that used to be connected to the biological hand before the amputation. Force sensors located in the thumb of the prosthesis measure contact and pressure applied to an object while grasping. This information is transmitted to the patients’ nerves leading to their brains. Patients can thus feel when they are touching an object, its characteristics, and how hard they are pressing it, which is crucial for imitating a biological hand.

Chalmers University of Technology has more information about this technology here.

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