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7 Gadgets To Monitor & Improve Your Posture

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Maintaining proper posture while sitting and standing is important. Unfortunately, many of us don’t do it. There are many smart wearables and tools that can help you change your bad posture. Here are 7 posture-improving gadgets you shouldn’t miss:

str8 posture aid

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Stand Up Str8 Posture Aid: this tool is designed to improve your bad posture, eliminating back and neck aches associated with slouching.

upright trainer

UpRight Trainer: a smart gadget that sits on your back and trains you to maintain good posture.

Lumo Lift: a posture and activity tracker that helps you change your bad standing and sitting habits. It vibrates to remind you to sit straight.

Arki: analyzes your walking posture and helps you improve how you walk. This is also a regular activity tracking wearable.


Prana: uses a 3-axis accelerometer and proprietary algorithms to measure your breathing patterns and posture. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

PosturePulse: a biofeedback belt you can wear around your waist or attach to your chair to train your body to maintain proper posture. It vibrates when you slouch.


Ojee TALON: this smart tool is designed to improve your golf posture. It consists of a wireless back unit that measures your spine angle and a digital display unit that measures your club shaft angle.

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