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Postybell: Mailbox Sensor Tells You When You Have Mail

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Having to guess when the mail person will deliver your mail is not fun. If you still get important letters all the time, you are going to have to get a smart mailbox. Postybell is a gadget that can turn your regular mailbox into a smart one. Just put it inside your post box and the device will send you an alert on your phone when you have got an e-mail. It works from any distance, even when you are in a different country.

The device sends you notifications each time you have mail. Its sensor detects movements inside your postbox, so you don’t have to waste time checking empty boxes. Postybell works with smartphones and regular phones. Its companion app for Android devices helps you manage notifications easier. You can use Postybell to manage multiple boxes, get real time incoming mail alerts, and forward alerts to a different number. This is yet another interesting Indiegogo project.

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  1. Could work. Though I have a few questions about how it works. First these group mailboxes normally opened with a large multi access door from behind them so the device needs to detect a letter being placed in the box and not just light entering the box.

    Second, metal cages, mail boxes are little metal cages. Unless this card or mat reacts fast enough while the door is open to get a signal to a tower to the phone carrier.

    Suggestions, make it the standard size of the floor of a mailbox so anything being placed on it will be detected cause the mailman will do all they can to not activate it.

    Not really sure how to solve the Faraday cage problem though.

    • Hello race, its a motion sensor so it works good in the group mailboxes , and we checked it both in mailbox group and in stand alone “us postbox” and its works fine even when they close.


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