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3 Robotic Camera Controllers

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There are plenty of fancy cameras around these days that allow you to capture quality video outdoors. But what if you want to capture yourself or produce time-lapse videos more conveniently? These 3 robotic camera controllers can help:

SoloShot2 Robot Cameraman: a robot that automatically pans, tilts, and zooms to keep your camera pointed at you. You can link multiple units together to capture multiple angles and track multiple tags.

Filmbo: an auto tracking robotic dock for your iPhone. This robotic dock follows you and captures action. The device has 3 modes: robotic video mode, moment photo mode, and robotic time-lapse mode. Its companion app lets you control it from your smartphone.

Sincrocam: a robotized 2 axis Bluetooth slider that makes video and time-lapse camera movements of 360 degrees. It can handle time-lapses with panoramic movements, HDR time-lapses with adjustable shutter timings, video mixes at different speeds, and multi-point shots.

Which one of these robotic camera controllers are you impressed with the most?

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