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Sleep Shepherd Sleep Hat Monitor

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Getting a great night’s sleep is something many of us are after. You can’t keep performing at your best if you don’t get enough rest each night. The Sleep Shepherd Sleep Hat Monitor can help you get your sleep cycle on the right track. The device monitors your sleep and uses a bio-feedback system to help you get in the right mood to sleep. The device is designed to work with your brain’s natural structure to guide you to sleep. Here is how it works:

“The hat incorporates Virtual Hammock® Technology invented by Dr. Michael Larson. This technology induces a rhythmic sensation of side-to-side swaying by utilizing the natural workings of the brain’s auditory center… The rhythmic pulse you ‘hear’ when wearing the Sleep Shepherd® is actually your brain deciphering the difference in frequency between the two tones that are played into either ear. This natural ability, contained within our brain’s structure, creates a soothing sensation of swaying back and forth as though the wearer is in a hammock.”

The hat has sensors that monitor your brainwaves and adjust as your brain activity slows. The tones shut off when your brain is ready for sleep.

This smart wearable device helps you achieve a good night’s sleep. You can get one for as low as $99 if you are an early supporter.

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